The week that was in SA sport ...

The week that was in SA sport ...Daryl Impey cleared ... Daryl Impey is back on his bike after being cleared of any doping offence. Impey's defence was that a pharmacist had contaminated gel capsules with Probenecid, which can be used as a masking agent and is not a performance-enhancing drug.   The SA cycling star was suspended at the beginning of July after the positive test and missed the Tour de France.  “I’m thrilled to [more]

SA Rugby Needs To Clean House

SA Rugby Needs To Clean House“We said we’d be making no further comment on the matter.” The words from SARU in December 2013, when SportsFire was seeking more information on the serious allegations against their CEO, Jurie Roux. But that didn’t stop Roux from having endearing “off the record” discussions with selected Cape Town journalists to give his side of the story. It’s called hiding behind the PR curtain. 13 August 2014 - SARU [more]

Show me the legal money

Show me the legal money“Any person who goes to court against SASCOC or a national federation without using 'the internal dispute resolution mechanism' would have their membership terminated.” A President’s Council resolution but what it doesn’t stipulate is what happens if SASCOC or a national federation takes anyone else to court? The money SASCOC has abused just on recent legal battles could have paid for a number of teams to participate [more]

The week that was in SA sport ...

The week that was in SA sport ... A sports tax? “Fikile Mbalula wants to tax sports fans to pay for school sport” – Sunday Times Not a week goes by without Sports Minister, Fikile Mbalula grabbing the headlines. The tax is an old debate in which you the public would end up having to pay a levy on your sporting tickets. “We are saying to soccer, rugby, cricket fans, please contribute more to sport development not [more]

No Winners From “Victory” Parade

No Winners From “Victory” ParadeMinnie Samaai, the mother of South Africa’s long jump bronze medallist at the Commonwealth Games was called by the Department of Sport and Recreation (SRSA) last Wednesday and asked if she would be attending the welcome home parade in Johannesburg on the Friday.  She explained to Ntombomzi Hlanjwa (SRSA) that she lives in Paarl and it wouldn’t be possible to make it, although it would have [more]

The week that was in SA sport ...

The week that was in SA sport ... SASCOC’s medical bungle ... SA’s lawn bowlers were the toast of the Commonwealth Games with no fewer than seven medals. But what happened behind the scenes was one of the most disgraceful administrative bungles and cover ups by SASCOC. Rudi Jacobs was selected as part of the men’s bowls trips team for Glasgow. Every SA athlete was required to fill out a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) document and [more]

Westville Athletic Club Turns 40

Westville Athletic Club Turns 40On Thursday 24 July the Westville AC celebrated their 40th anniversary at their clubhouse. There were emotional scenes as some of the founder members embraced each other many of which had not seen each other since the early days of the clubs history. Derek Kay the elder statesman among the founder members and previous world 100 mile record holder which he established in 1972 at [more]

What's Next For SA Sport?

What's Next For SA Sport?At a recent meeting of SASCOC at Olympic House, which they called a ‘President’s Council’ meeting, various resolutions were passed. While some of them make sense and are necessary, there are others which call into question whether the leaders of the national federations understand the hard won rights contained in the national [more]

Who’s on the bus?

Who’s on the bus?Here we go again. I remember the hoo-ha in 2010 around the open top bus parade for Bafana Bafana before the World Cup. A “victory parade” before you’ve even won a game? Perhaps, it was based on the friendlies they won before the World Cup, which have since come to light as allegedly fixed. Bafana coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira didn’t want the parade and coming from a country that [more]

SA’s Commonwealth Games – the real story

SA’s Commonwealth Games – the real storyIt doesn’t matter how much SASCOC’s expensive, “buddy, buddy” public relations company spins it, South Africa has once again under achieved at the Commonwealth Games. I’m not for one minute blaming any of the athletes who all gave 120% in an effort to win medals but one needs to look at the facts. Commonwealth Medals table: 2002 2006 2010 2014 SA medals 46 38 33 40 Winning country 207 224 177 174  Should we be satisfied with 40 medals after getting 46 [more]

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