Incompetence From Swimming SA

Incompetence From Swimming SA


Gerhard Zandberg’s appeal hearing was scheduled for Tuesday 17 September but it had to be postponed as Swimming SA (SSA) “forgot” their own constitution.

The SSA constitution states

“ Each Technical Committee, other than Water Polo, shall comprise of five (5) members, with two (2) members being elected at the Annual General Meeting and the remaining two (2) members appointed by the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting.”

But at the hearing on Tuesday, only those present were independent chairperson Raymond Hack, Swim SA CEO Shaun Adriaanse and Dave Norman.

I also like the way SASCOC push Hack in as the “independent chairperson” when in fact he represents SASCOC.

SASCOC have been covering the back of SSA for so long now and the SSA president, Jace Naidoo sits on the SASCOC board.

Both a conflict of interests, which are conveniently ignored.

Naidoo was not even capitated when nominations went out for the SSA AGM last year but SSA then changed the dates to accommodate his non compliance.

The same Jace Naidoo that used a limited “coach accreditation” for the London Olympics for his own personal benefit.

swimming sa

Zandberg was disciplined during the FINA world champs in Barcelona and there are big question marks whether or not that was even done legally or according to the SSA constitution.

Zandberg’s appeal hearing has now been re-scheduled for 2 October but worst of all, he is unable to compete due to the suspension.

So, how does the swimmer make a living?

It’s long overdue for the President, CEO of Swim SA and the entire board to step down.

I’ve asked on a number of occasions, is the SSA constitution even signed?

No response from SSA.


4 Responses to “Incompetence From Swimming SA”

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  2. Laura Bailie says:

    When is SASCOC going to realise that sport is not about them and their petty little empire that they are building for themselves. Sport is about the sportsmen/women and the fans.

    SASCOC does not win any medals at the Olympic games, the athletes do!

  3. Basil says:

    Hi Graeme,

    How can we get this to the powers that be in FINA?

    • Greg says:

      I think all these sports bodies are rotten from the top all the way to the bottom. FINA charge exorbitant rates for hotels that you can book cheaper on the internet and then i suppose pocket the excess.

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